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The other Socom Squad

2011-07-02 18:25:00 by PineappleSocom

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The other Socom Squad

you thought it was over.

2010-11-28 02:32:35 by PineappleSocom

just like north keorea .]
?? ?

you thought it was over.

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casablance was a terrible film

So here I am taking time out of my busy schedule to let you and maybe a few other people know that I get irritated when I see the Socom Squad abrogate its responsibilities. So, without further ado, I present you with this all-important piece of information: It has long been obvious to attentive observers that the Socom Squad's policies are an adjudged failure. But did you know that it is battening on us? It doesn't want you to know that because it says that it can be trusted to judge the rest of the world from a unique perch of pure wisdom. What balderdash! What impudence! What treachery!

The Socom Squad's personal interest in seeing its Ponzi schemes shoved down people's throats is witless but that's to be expected of it. Strictly speaking, the Socom Squad's analects symbolize lawlessness, violence, and misguided rebellion-extreme liberty for a few, even if the rest of us lose more than a little freedom. Forgive me for boring you with all the gory details, but many of our present-day sufferings are the consequence of the impetuous relationship between the Socom Squad and brutish enemies of the people. But you knew that already. So let me add that if you think that unfounded attacks on character, loads of hyperbole, and fallacious information are the best way to make a point, then think again. As if you didn't know, the Socom Squad's list of sins is long and each one deserves more space than I have here. Therefore, rather than describe each one individually, I'll summarize by stating that it uses larrikinism to grasp at straws, trying to find increasingly jealous ways to batten on the credulity of the ignorant. That's the large elephant in the room that nobody talks about. Nevertheless, I doubtlessly claim that people really ought to start talking about it because then they'd realize that the really interesting thing about all this is not that stuck-up cynical-types don't think like you and me. The interesting thing is that it and I disagree about our civic duties. I aver that we must do our utmost to fight scurrility and slander. The Socom Squad, on the other hand, believes that its rodomontades will spread enlightenment to the masses, nurture democracy, reestablish the bonds of community, bring us closer to God, and generally work to the betterment of Man and society.

It's somewhat tricky to protect the interests of the general public against the greed and unreason of what I call apolaustic, egocentric misers, especially since the media in this country tend to ignore historical connections and are reluctant to analyze ideological positions or treat a fringe political group seriously. I must point out that my current plan is to act as a positive role model for younger people. Yes, it will draw upon the most powerful fires of Hell to tear that plan asunder, but this is not the first time I've wanted to strengthen our roots so we can weather the storms that threaten our foundation. But it is the first time I realized that we must speak out against litigious half-wits. To do anything else, and I do mean anything else, is a complete waste of time. Let me end this letter by pointing out that the battle to shine a light on the Socom Squad's efforts to befuddle the public and make sin seem like merely a sophisticated fashion is now joined on many fronts. We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and, we will not fail.


2009-04-26 16:17:44 by PineappleSocom


but if the party's over, if the fun has to end
could you do this for me my friend, would you just please bury me with it

;;;;;;;;;.,,, () :-)

and sure as hell we stayed out almost every single night

attn all

2009-01-19 17:20:47 by PineappleSocom

There's a desperate looser put comment by using my name. Hohohohooo..... I did no an** sex.
For Mr. XXX Desperate Looser Son of Mother Fucker Puapua Dede Bitch, you know everybody, the person that use my identity above was an amazing person because... He could lick his own asshole and enjoy it much. What an insane man, isn't it?

attn all

Couple of questions:

2008-11-30 04:37:41 by PineappleSocom

is this an rpg game?, Cause there are only some pinaples jumpin with a SMG to a song. There is no point in that game.


2008-08-12 22:24:25 by PineappleSocom

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Oh Hello

2008-05-28 00:06:53 by PineappleSocom

I do believe we're back.

Oh Hello